Sharp020: Denim and Gold Puma Basket

Sneaker customizer Sharp020 out of Florida is calling these a platform for a couple little experiments. Hmmm, what else could Sharp020 have up his sleeve? Of course check back here to see the latest or his site. But as the circle of “decon-recon” customizers is slowly growing by the days so are the crazy designs they coming up with.  Though along those lines of moving forward a bit of simplicity is always nice to see. I guess you could call these simple at least by today’s standards, three years ago these would have been blowing peoples minds.

As for inspiration Sharp020 told us he really wanted a black and gold shoe and a denim shoe both added to his rotation. He used a Puma Suede low top as the base since the Puma Basket high top is pretty much out of production. To make the pattern he used a Puma Basket high top that he had to order from Singapore, so if you want a Puma Basket custom Sharp020 is your guy as he can now make a pair out of nearly endless fabrics using those patterns. The most interesting part of this pair is the fact that the vinyl is vintage from around the 1950s. I imagine its quality is extremely better than something you’d purchase made this year. Hmmm, again I’d can imagine some pretty killer customs made using some vintage fabrics.

Check out Sharp020’s website