Sharp020 Custom Nike P-Rod SB with Laser Engraving

Southern Florida based shoe customizer Sharp020 is slowly pulling ahead of the majority of shoe customizers with every pair of custom shoes he releases. This week he has dropped another gem in this pair of custom decon-recon Nike P-Rod II SBs in a black, white, and brown colorway. The white and black mesh against a laser engraved black leather is nothing. But that is only because of the contrast white stitching, which is straight as sober tightrope walker in a field sobriety test AND the seamless laser engraved tongue tags. Oh yeah…Sharp020 logo embroidered is hopefully a staple from here on if the material permits. Some might say it is a waste to make a shoe that looks so generic, so much like a general release. I don’t believe it is a waste when it looks so factory, sorry.

To order your own pair of custom shoes checkout Sharp020’s Website