Sekure D “Almost All Black Everything” Nike Dunk Custom

Australian shoe customizer Sekure D took inspiration from the recent Nike and Jay Z collaboration and implemented the theme with some of his signature design. Titled “Almost All Black Everything” Sekure D figured wearing an all black shoe often is not his style so he switched it up and painted with some midnight gray paint in his Carnage and Safari patterns, a metallic black swoosh, and silver grunge on the lace panels. To make it clear he put “Almost All Black” in a street art like print on the back panels. Personally I love the name and theme as I put my spin on the “All Black Everything” concept earlier this year with my EF “All Black Everything, Almost” Nike Dunk highs. So if you have always been wanting a custom sneaker but the usual bright colors are not your style then this might be your chance. Sekure D has sizes 10, 10.5, 11, and 12 in his store.

To buy these Sekure D custom Nike Dunks visit his webstore here: