Sea Sick Nike Dunk Custom By El Cappy

Sea Sick Dunk by El Cappy (1)

One key to longevity as a shoe customizer, and any brand for that matter, is a recognizable style. El Cappy of Detroit, Michigan has slowly built that signature look over the past year and it only continues with each custom. Last week PaintOrThread showcased his Adidas Superstar Big Gamer Hunter and this pair has a similar feel with the use of leopard print again.

As a private order for a repeat customer out of San Francisco, California El Cappy combined the big cat print with an anchor pattern that is all his own in black against red. But quality is all in the details as a close look reveals metal eyelets and black chainlinks on the heel tab and first few lace holes and a gray centered camouflage on the back heel. The coolest part though is the way El Cappy covered the Swooshes with a more modern Swoosh outline in red around the leopard print.

This design is likely to stay a 1 of 1 so before you contact El Cappy via his site: or through Twitter: @ericmafuknlowry be sure to have your own design in mind.

Sea Sick Dunk by El Cappy (2)

Sea Sick Dunk by El Cappy (3)

Sea Sick Dunk by El Cappy (4)