Scratch N Sniff Bananaman Nike Zoom Air Blazers by Qustom Queen

I’ve unfortunately never heard of Bananaman until now, serving though as he was from overseas as a British comic book and cartoon character that was created in 1980. A quick Internet search proves a wacky story: a man eats a banana to transform into Bananaman, differing as bananas differ all provided by his pet crow. The pet crow sells it to me. So it is fitting that British shoe customizer Qustom Queen makes these Bananaman custom Nike Zoom Air Blazers WITH Scratch N Sniff effects. 1980s Oh yeah all around. The latest in her crazy custom shoe effects these smell just like a banana or just like banana scented Scratch N Sniff stickers. The bright blue and yellow with the Bananaman and banana monogram painted on the sides AND banana peel added to the tongue are awesome enough sans any banana fragrance.

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