Methamphibian and SBTG will be releasing shoes together once again. Though it seems as each shoe customizer has worked on their own set of Nike Dunks to be released, so its like a co-multiple pair release. Methaphibian’s Nike Dunks are going by the theme of Damage Inc. and SBTG is continuing his theme of Varsity Bones. Here is a little more info from

DAMAGE INC. will unveil two new limited versions of the iconic Nike Dunk, featuring new hand-painted digital camo patterns and custom embroidered accents. Each model represents a competing Para-military team, both hell-bent on dominating their respective global markets and increasing their own market shares, with their mission objectives coming in second. ‘OBSIDIAN VIPER’ is based on an arctic environment camouflage colorway, inspired by a team that is all about overwhelming strength and firepower, always equipped with the latest in heavy weaponry. ‘Basilisk’ is based on a Black Ops night camouflage colorway, representing a special unit that employs stealth and strategy and uses deadly force from within the shadows.

VARSITY BONES takes a step back in its aesthetic approach, using clean and simple color blocks to give the shoes a nostalgic 80’s feel. Each design come in 12 pairs only, representing one of the rival gangs who have opposing ideologies. The red and black Dunk is based on the ‘fierce warrior’ persona of the ‘RED FURY’ gang, a group of misfits who insist on settling everything by sheer power and brute force. The black and purple Dunk is inspired by the ‘SLY BONES’ gang, cunning tacticians who believe that manipulation and deception make things more fun. Forever intertwined by their love for basketball, their blood feud rages on.

Interesting. Though this is not much for the fans who want to see something new, as both designs have distinct signature features of previous Methamphibian and SBTG custom shoes. Yet again aesthetically both are up to par with each artists level of work. For more info check out