SBTG Custom Nike Air Jordan V “Broken Bones” shoes

Singapore based customizer Mark Ong, better known as SBTG learned to never say never when it comes to using the Nike Air Jordan line of sneakers as a base for his custom shoes. Air Jordans are usually one of the last choices shoe customizers choose in general as many times the shoe is already so innovative for the time it was originally released not much else can be done to improve the design. Most custom Jordans end up looking rather bad. So it makes sense that in customizing for 7 years SBTG has only painted Nike Air Jordans twice before this. But a valued customer to SBTG asked for a special request to be made and he took the opportunity to push his boundaries. The end result is the hand painted “Broken Bones” Nike Air Jordan V in his “regalia” theme inspired by the popular olive military green Undefeated Air Jordan IV. Sort of fitting as the jagged graphic on the sole was inspired by the shark teeth of military fighter planes. Closer look shows a vandalized look inspired by SBTG’s obsession with Vietnam War zippo graffiti and a set of broken cross bones on the back. Truly one of the better custom Nike Air Jordans, not for everyone but that is the point of being custom.