Salvador Dali “Persistence of Memory” Nike Air Force 1 by Lauren Luna

Looking for something to complement your hot chicks in kicks posters? How about instead of regular released shoes you get something that is pushing the custom shoe scene…such as the 2012 Custom Ladies Calendar by Lauren Luna. Last year she released her first calendar for this year with 12 beautiful women each wearing a pair of her customs themed for the matching month. For 2012 she has chosen the theme of “Masterpiece Edition” where she has recreated 12 historically famous paintings into custom sneakers. Checkout this first pair of brown and purple Air Force 1 lows that has Salvador Dali’s 1931 painting “Persistence of Memory” on the side panels of each shoe. The surrealist painting by Dali is closely recreated from the melting clocks, blue sky, and desert background.
But wait you are probably more interested in the ladies, right. You’ll have to wait until October 14, 2011 to purchase the full calendar. In the meantime checkout the site and Like the page.