Saigon Customs: The Art Factor TONIGHT AT UBIQ

Busy week for Miss Saigon of Saigon Customs after winning the Best Custom at the International Sneaker Battle this past weekend her and the Saigon Customs crew have a show in Philly at UBIQ. If you are in the area we suggest you check it out. Did we mention she has won the ISB 2 years in a row now? Well she has!

1509 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Saigon Customs_The Art Factor – Sponsored by 1800 TEQUILA & SAPPORO Featuring Visiting NYC Graffiti-Pop Artist Bobby Hill. Thursday July 16th for this amazing exhibition at UBIQ from 4pm – 7:30pm. Afterparty is at the Bellevue (broad & walnut st.)

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