Rusty Air Jordan 1 Shadow Customs by Viz Brand

Could you imagine wearing a metal pair of Air Jordan 1? Probably not since no shoes come to mind that are actually made completely out of metal for any reason. But with customization your weird Air Jordan dreams can be a reality. A metalized look isn’t a new theme, but Viz Brand sure rises above those in the past with the detail here. Using a pair of the Air Jordan 1 Mids, the popular Shadow colorway of black and gray was painted as the base layer. Next varying shades of metallic silver were painted on the heel, Swoosh and toe box. Next the details were flexed with imaginary paneling and screws painted to mimic the metal shoes build. Finally orange and brown tones were painted to project an aging process well on its way.

Could you rock the imaginary rustic look or do you stick to fresh reality?

More work from Viz can be found on their Instagram: @Viz_Brand

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