Rusted Machinery Custom Nike Dunk Shoes by mEbarra Customz

An idea for a custom sneaker can happen when you least expect it. Michael of mEbarra Customz was at work when the out of use equipment around him that he usually didn’t pay much attention to stood out. He saw a “Tag Out” sign and his idea after some research was to mimic the look of a broken down 1930’s Clark LT-35 Forklift. Since not much was out on the market for useable base shoes he relied on the choices of NikeID and their quality leather with just right shades of yellow, orange, and gum soles. The overall look of being beat down and in need of repair was based on the faded paint and rusted edges of the workhorse machinery recreated on the yellow panels of the upper. Overall the sneaker features twelve different colors being dirty yellow, orange, black, silver, gold, yellow, red, pewter, copper, bronze, brown, and penny copper metallic dust. Unique details were added in the number and letter graphics, caution tape shoelaces, and real warning hang tag.

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