Ruby Red Slippers Custom Nike Dunk Shoes by Red Ribbon Recon


History’s most famous pair of shoes really have no competition when it comes to world recognition. Just ask The Smithsonian. If the shoes that inspired these Nike Dunks by Red Ribbon Recon of Hive Collective don’t instantly come to mind then go watch The Wizard of Oz….right now. Without going all spoiler alert for those of you who have been closed off from the world your entire lives, the aforementioned story’s main character Dorothy dawned a unique pair of shoes that helped her along her way. In the original story from the book they were silver, while the term “Ruby Red Slippers” gained notoriety as the color was changed to red to take advantage of the Technicolor motion picturing filming process at that time in the 1930s. In this homage to the famous slippers titled “There’s No Place Like Home” the shiny look is transformed to high top form.

Starting with a low top Nike Dunk’s sole Mike of Red Ribbon Recon kept the concept of the slippers’ shinning ruby jewels and sequins in theory through that of two eye catching materials. A glitter patent vinyl for the majority of the reconstructed upper while the Swooshes break the monochrome use of material but stay shining with metallic red foil leather. Lastly the tongues carry a deep ruby suede with light gray used on the lining.

If the Oz fan in you can’t live another day without being able to click your heels together in these then you may be in luck. These will be made in a first edition of 3 pairs, available in any size (6-15) only at

wizard-oz-ruby-slipper-nike-shoes-redribbonrecon-1 wizard-oz-ruby-slipper-nike-shoes-redribbonrecon-2 wizard-oz-ruby-slipper-nike-shoes-redribbonrecon-3 wizard-oz-ruby-slipper-nike-shoes-redribbonrecon-4 wizard-oz-ruby-slipper-nike-shoes-redribbonrecon-5