Rocko’s Modern Life Custom Nike Blazers by D@ Prince

So you want a pair of custom shoes themed after your favorite Saturday morning cartoon? Or you still never got over Nickelodeon?(kids these days have no idea, their afternoon lineups are garbage compared to the mid 1990s). If either of those describe you hit up D@ Prince Customs because not many can match his knack for cool cartoon character custom shoes. That is evident once again in these Rocko’s Modern Life Nike Blazers. Hand painted on the inside panels is Rocko’s blue and purple triangle shirt pattern and the outsides are covered in the t.v. shows logo and whole crew: Rocko, Spunky, Heffer Wolfe, Filburt Shellbach, and the Bigheads Ed and Bev. Anyone remember the hidden messages suspected in Rocko’s Modern Life?…I think I’ll have watch them off Netflix to see what I did not catch as an 8 year old.

For your own Rocko’s Modern Life Nikes contact D@ Prince via his Facebook page here: D@ Prince Customs