Reebok Shaqnosis Kazaam Custom Shoes by @Mache275

If you were working at Reebok doesn’t this colorway seem like a given? Who knows maybe we will see this released later on by Reebok. But then we will always have that question of did Mache spark the idea? The 1995 release of the Reebok Shaqnosis has been revived here in 2013 by the ‘Bok in the original black and white along with lots of alternative modern color combos. But these could be more eye catching than any of them.

Any 80s baby or older, and a few 90s babes will remember Shaq’s tear into the motion picture industry with Blue Chips, Kazaam, and Steel. Of course of those three Kazaam is the most off the wall story of a Shaq playing a genie. Using the movie posters color scheme Mache painted the previously hypnotic Shaqnosis retro a contrasting metallic lime green and purple from the midsole up. So simple it’s definitely one of those why didn’t I think of that ideas! cough Reebok cough Swizz cough A nice little Kazaam graces the ankle area in white, red and black.

If you have a random idea for a Reebok Shaqnosis custom (how about CRUNCH candy bar?) you can reach out to Mache via his site: and follow his customizing antics on Instagram: @Mache275