Reebok Kamikaze Shawn Kemp Custom by SV Originals

One of the core pieces in Reebok’s revival of old sneaker models have been the signature sneakers of former NBA All-Star Shawn Kemp. Although neither model of the Reebok Kamikaze I or II featured a signature Kemp logo both are recognized as the sneakers Kemp wore as he wrecked havoc on rims around the NBA. The Kamikaze II’s have been re-released in a slew of colors from the OG to outlandish to some that pay tribute to Kemp’s days wearing them for the Seattle Supersonics, but this custom hits on all the milestones of Kemp’s playing career.

These were created for The Reign Man himself as a birthday gift from his son Jamar, customized by Seattle based customizer SV Originals. The Kamikaze II’s in their classic white on black colorway were hand painted with different logos from significant points in Kemp’s basketball career. Starting in high school in Elkhart, Indiana to his college stops in Kentucky and Trinity Valley CC to the 4 NBA teams and 6 NBA All Star selections, and finishing up with his Olympic Gold Medal in ’94 and NBA Finals run in ’96. Lastly across the midsoles is a large Reign Man in an abstract style that fits the shoe well.

Considering the detail and time alone it took to hand paint 20 different logos these are most definitely a 1 of 1 design. But you can see more work from and reach out to SV Originals for your own custom sneakers on Instagram: @SeanTehDon 

reebok-kamikaze-shawn-kemp-custom-bday-svoriginals-1 reebok-kamikaze-shawn-kemp-custom-bday-svoriginals-2 reebok-kamikaze-shawn-kemp-custom-bday-svoriginals-3 reebok-kamikaze-shawn-kemp-custom-bday-svoriginals-4 reebok-kamikaze-shawn-kemp-custom-bday-svoriginals-5 reebok-kamikaze-shawn-kemp-custom-bday-svoriginals-6