Reebok Court Victory Pump Dia De Los Muertos Custom by El Cappy

With just one shot, you still get all the details. Being limited with his photos the work of El Cappy continues to be a mysterious situation. Sticking to releasing just 1 of 1 pieces the latest is in celebration of November’s Dia De Los Muertos. The Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday that pays respect to those who have passed, has been represented in a fashion we’ve never really seen in custom sneaker form.

A Reebok Pump Court Victory tennis shoe has a completely new look. With each panel being painted starting with patterns made of flower, line work, and tiny intricate sugar skulls. Noteably the toes each feature a female skull topped with a rose, floral eyes, and teeth that work their way up the tongue panel. The most unique addition though is the tennis ball Pumps that have been painted to look like sugar skulls.

More work from ElCappy can be seen at and follow him on Instagram: @ElCappy