Puma Clydes “Spider Veins” NY Knicks Colors by Fresh & Fly Customz

Puma Clydes, the signature shoe of the New York Knicks most successful player Walt “Clyde” Frazier, are most fitting in bright royal blue and orange. Though that NYC nostalgia wasn’t part of the inspiration for Fresh & Fly Customz on this pair of suede Clydes, it sure could have been. Becoming known for his decon-recon custom sneakers Desp1 of Fresh & Fly went back to his roots of painting with this 1 of 1 personal pair. His initial inspiration was the veins within a plants leaf but ended up being more from a photo he saw of spider veins (don’t search google images for those). The end result is the orange on orange pattern you can see on the Puma formstrips and back heel tabs. Buttery blue suede is the best!

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