Puma Blaze of Glory “Native” Customs by Peculiar Kinetics Studios


The use of “Native American” inspired prints the past few years in fashion has definitely been a hipster inspired uproar whored out by corporations. That appropriation of a specific culture’s art is a completely different topic for another website but absolutely a conversation that needs to be had. Although where would we be if one culture never re-used something that belonged to another culture? Again another topic…back to these custom Pumas.

Props are to be given to Jonathan of Peculiar Kinetics for painting a rarely customized brand, Puma, and even lesser customized model, the Blaze of Glory. Reality though for this shoe is not necessarily an issue mentioned in the first paragraph as Jonathan’s heritage includes that of Native American decent. The shoes began as an all white base released to celebrate Mexico City’s 1968 Olympics having ankle liners inspired by a Mexican blanket. Their customization became a very southwestern United States colorway of purple, infrared and teal stands out on a mostly brown upper and gray midsole. Who else could see Puma releasing a shoe just like this?

You can contact Jonathan and  follow him on Instagram: @PKcustoms89