Prism Customized Nike Romaleo 3 by BStreet Shoes

It definitely takes a certain kind of person to wear the many bright neon shoes you can find on store shelves these days. But come to think of it maybe as a society we are past judging what other people wear. Well, then you could look back at the last twelve months and realize…nope, there is still a ton of people that would judge you for your neon shoes. Grown adults worrying about a harmless thing another grown person chooses to cover up their body. So if you are wearing this bright colored Nike Romaleo 3 by BStreet Shoes you better be ready for the looks.

The previously all black Nike Romaleo 3 was masked off with tape and then painted with a multitude of colors. At least 8 colors from blue to pink to orange were blended together with an airbrush and masked off randomly to create a geometrical prism pattern. Left original to contrast were the black inner sections, sole and the white Nike Swoosh. If you see someone wearing this pair of shoes that are this bright you’ll probably want to keep your dirty looks away as they are probably stronger than you.

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Custom Nike Romaleo 3 Bstreetshoes