“Plastic Sherbert” Custom Air Max 90 Shoes by Mizzee

I could be wrong, but this is the kind of work that gets you to the chance to work with a shoe company as a shoe customizer. Signature. And the name just makes me want a cool treat. Mizzee has been using this pattern of multiple colors to mimic what looks to be a reflection, especially in this case with the use of blues and a final bright white in the center. I could easily see this type of design mass produced and selling out. I think I like it even more seeing that it is really random  it has no real structure except for the order in which the colors are lined up. These were a customer order that just wanted his initials somewhere on the shoe and for Mizzee to do his thing on this pair of Air Max 90s he had lying around. The outcome is really more than the customer could have expected:  5 different shades of Blues, metalic orange, a white pearled Swoosh, and a patent leather finish to give them a more shiny plastic appearance. Boring orange and white Air Max 90s are now vibrant and alive.

Do you have a pair of shoes lying around and some money to spare? Hit up Mizzee via his website to order a pair of 1 of 1’s here: AddictedToTheHigh.com