Pedo Bear Custom Nike Dunk Shoes by Pimp My Kicks

Lol wut? Yes! Easily one of the most difficult to understand internet memes, “Pedo Bear”, has finally been used on a custom shoe by Pimp My Kicks. I mean is this not what you’ve been anxiously waiting for this summer? What started as a joke on image website 4Chan the title “Pedo Bear” stands for, if you’ve just happen to get access to the Internet for the first time yesterday, pedophile bear. I have no idea how or why such a thing took off, but the places the Pedo Bear has shown up well after being a known internet comedy subject has been quite funny. Of course I’m biased to think this pair of custom shoes is the memes best representation yet. An orange and white Nike Dunk high was hand painted with the brown cartoon bear on the back heels and the lace and toe panels a matching accent shade of brown, nice and simple fitting the mysterious character very well.

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