A Patriot’s Fan Has Shoes with Portraits of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

You no doubt love your team if you want custom shoes with the head coach painted on them!

A New England Patriots fan commissioned Lucha Loafers to memorialize the franchise’s two living legends, quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick, on a pair of Vans Slip Ons. Brady and Belichick were painted in their 4th quarter comeback form. As well, another customer kept their fandom to a more subdued level with just a portrait of a fired up looking Tom Brady to go with the Patriots logo.

At this point, 5 Super Bowl wins is probably a good enough excuse to wear a pair of shoes with a coach’s face on them. No fan, in any sport, could probably be given a pass for a pair of custom shoes featuring their favorite team’s coach except these guys. Now if Robert Kraft was on the back heel then they’d be perfect, for now, let’s consider them pretty amazing. Seriously, props to a fan wearing Bill Belichick on their shoes.

You can inquire about your own custom team shoes from Lucha Loafers at LuchaLoafers.com and see her latest work on Instagram.com/LuchaLoafers

New England Patriots Custom Shoes Tom Brady Custom Painted Vans