Pantone Nike Air Force 1 Custom Shoes by Ecentrik Artistry

Elom Bowman of Ecentrik Artistry has a portfolio of pretty bright colored painted sneakers, but he is starting off 2012 with about as much color as possible on these pairs of “Pantone” Nike Air Force 1 lows. A customer request, by Internet marketer Saul Colt, who already owns 3 pairs of Ecentrik custom AF1s this 2 pair set was inspired by a colorful leather chair made by SIF Technology. The chair itself is a grid of countless colors in the look of the Pantone color spectrum. Pantone creates the industry standard for designers of all kinds comparing colors using their PMS, Pantone Matching System, to select desired color choices before a project goes into production. With so many color possibilities Elom knew this would be a challenge, but was up for the test.

Over 30 colors were used throughout each shoe which were originally all white. Elom’s process began by building a list of colors he would use, where they would be placed on the shoes, and looking back at the picture of the chair dozens of times. Of every pair he has made this stands out as taking the most time and attention to detail. Unfortunately for everyone else these will be staying a 2 of 2 design. Can you find Tangerine Tango? Pantone’s official color for 2012.

To commission your own custom sneaker design from Elom checkout his site

Pantone chair from SIF Technology that inspired these customs. Image via: