Panda Custom Sneakers Makes His Namesake Air Max 1

The recon side of sneaker customization officially has another big player in that of Panda Custom Sneakers. Yes, a fellow by the name of Steven Töteberg goes by the name of Panda Custom Sneakers, and this pair does too. Taking his chosen name literally, the German sneaker customizer looked to the hair of another mammal to create the look of the panda on this Nike Air Max 1. But to be honest, Panda has been a player for a while now.

If you are new to the “recon” concept, that means these sold at retail Nike Air Max 1 were taken apart, deconstructed. Next, their panels were copied and drawn out on new materials that were then sewn back together, reconstructed, to be a new 1 of 1 masterpiece.

To achieve this panda bear look, Töteberg used the pony fur to mimic the contrasting white and black look. Damn near factory looking stitching keeps them together making for a great example in the world of reconstructed custom sneakers. The leather details in that of the Swoosh and ankle liner are that of a supple goat leather. A dope inset and stitched Swoosh on the heels really set these off. Matching letterman jacket? Panda perfect.

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