How To Paint Lightning Effect On Custom Sneakers

Have you seen any customizers latest masterpiece and just had a million questions on how they made them? Don’t get upset if they don’t have time to share, because they are likely preoccupied on their next pair. You have to realize they most likely got into sneaker customization through trial and error using the basic information you can find in a few Google searches. Fortunately for the coming generations, you can thank those like Sophiesophss who is offering up tutorials on custom sneakers. Her latest is this one here showing you how to paint a lightning effect detail with the logo of your choice.

Sophie broke down the steps to add lightning to this pair of Air Jordan X with the Los Angeles Lakers logo. In addition to the lightnin, she shares a few tips on materials necessary to paint mesh material and basic idea to create a stencil with just a printer, sticker paper, and an X-Acto knife.

Disclaimer: With any sneaker customization results may vary. Sneakers are made of various materials that require different media and processes to complete a durable, wearable customization. The information above is offered as a suggestion of how to achieve the stated look. Any tools or materials used are not endorsed by PaintOrThread unless otherwise stated. We always recommend you attempt any customization on a pair of shoes you don’t care to ruin before working on a brand new pair. The best work is achieved through personal trial and error.