Oklahoma Sooners Air Jordan IV Shoes by Dank & Co

Is there really any other sports season in America that is more exciting than that of football’s? The relationship between college universities and their apparel sponsors is only making the fandom stronger. While some elite teams have been getting special player makeups in their team colors for years now and which has slowly trickled to the mainstream market a lot of schools are under represented, one being the Oklahoma Sooners. Despite their success it still comes down to a customizer like Jake of Dank & Co to bring their logos to a diehard fan’s feet.

Using the Air Jordan IV “Alternate 89” colorway Dank created this Boomer Sooner themed sneaker. The most noticeable change was the addition of white to the previously red midsoles in the form of a red diagonal stripe pattern. Next playing of the rest of the already OU crimson netting, heel tabs, and wings the tongues were removed and reconstructed with the matching pattern and OU tags in place of the Air Jordan tags inside and out. We expect these to get a lot of wear over the upcoming Saturdays and following seasons.

These are for sure a 1 of 1 as most Dank & Co. customizations but you can contact him for your own idea at JWDanklefs.com and see the latest work on Instagram.com/jwdanklefs