Custom Nintendo Mario Kart 64 Nike Dunks by Jessie Kavana

Jessie Kavana, the winner of the 4th PaintOrThread Custom Contest recently finished these Mario Kart Nintendo 64 Nike Dunk custom shoes. Anyone that’s ever had a Mario Kart party would love the racing theme of these with the black and white checkered flag pattern. Jessie painted the back heels with a 6 and 4 to represent that classic Nintendo 64, the lateral side panels showing a heated race between Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Donkey Kong. Just incase someone had never heard of these characters she painted a bright classic Mario Kart logo on the medial sides. Crisp, clean, and always fun like an intense night of 4 person Mario Kart sitting 1 foot away from the 72 inch HD big screen.

To order your own Mario Kart 64 custom Nike Dunk shoes email Jessie: [email protected]