Nike Shoebox 2000 Air Max 90 by Sneakers Bonsai

While the variety of sneakers Nike released in a season cover a wide range of styles the shoes were usually all connected by one thing: the Nike shoebox. Until about the mid 2000s every sneaker came in essentially the same box. Over decades thing that was usually present on Nike boxes was that of the color orange, easily identifiable against most other brands and for sure in the bedrooms and basements of many. Using a Nike box design from around the year 2000, Sneakers Bonsai brought the box to the kicks on this pair of Nike Air Max 90. The brown cardboard covers two thirds of the sneaker while the back was painted the familiar orange with the grid graphic details. Hits of a white Swoosh on the toes and a custom wooden box make these an easy approval by any veteran sneaker collector.

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