Nike Run Roshe “Nebula” Custom Shoes by SmoothTip


An seldom used base shoe is always refreshing to see no matter what the theme. This pair sticks out even more considering it’s usual limitations…of an all mesh upper. Atlanta, Georgia based sneaker customizer SmoothTip who recreated the “galaxy” print earlier this year to near Hubble Space Telescope likeness decided to give it a go on a pair of Nike’s latest light weight runner, the Run Roshe.This pairs black mesh upper was was graced with a heavenly airbrushed rendition of the outer space look on the the toes, Swooshes, and back heels with a green and blue color scheme to match the neon turquoise soles.

These are available for a limited time on a per order basis via SmoothTip’s web store at: Be sure to follow him on Twitter too: @SmoothCustoms82