Nike Lebron X Phantom Customized by Mache Customs

With original intent of the design being inspired by geometrical backgrounds of early 1990s Skybox NBA basketball cards Mache Customs was told these actually look reminiscent of a certain Nike Air Max 90. That AM90 was the Hurley x Nike Air Max 90 “Phantom 4D” limited to 500 pairs and designed by artist Dalek in 2011. Upon close inspection the look between both shoes is similar. Using the Nike Lebron X Dunkman as his base shoe this pair by Mache shifts colors depending on the angle light hits them from green to turquoise to purple with the lines alternating hues too. These are a 1 of 1 and due to their intensive nature it took to make them Mache might not be making them available for a limited run…unless the public demands it!

Let Mache know you’d like to see these available to purchase via Twitter: @Mache275 and check his site for more work at

The accidental looking not intended inspiration: Nike Air Max 90 “Phantom 4D” designed by Dalek. Image via: