Nike Lebron X ID “Hulk” by @JPCustomKicks

One of the great things about custom sneakers is you get to see different artists representation of a certain theme. Though nothing new, the comic book hero inspired design has been done before but it is cool to compare one persons idea up against another. One character not seen an overwhelming amount is of The Hulk. But starting with a Nike ID Lebron X JP Custom Kicks gave his latest custom the angry green Stan Lee character’s look.

Starting with a white based upper they were painted a neon green. Next additions of cracked gray cement around the back heels connect the concept as that is the tell tale sign of The Hulk having been by. Last details of the diamond panels painted a kelly green and embroidered tags from @Herbjuice finish off this single Avenger’s theme.

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The base Lebron X ID before customization by JPCustomKicks: