Nike Lebron X “Evolution of Nerf” by Mache Customs

Truthfully the original Nerf colorway KD4 by Nike always seemed a bit off, anyone else think that? To be honest if Mache Customs did not recreate the colorway on the Lebron 9 nearly a year ago there is no way it would be as popular as it has become outside of that KD4 by Nike. Despite the low level of originality by Mache that time around he still influenced a slew of other customizers to give the Nerf look a shot, along with the public giving it their thumbs up. With yet another Lebron X custom Mache put a spin on the concept of bright Nerf color combination with inspiration from a majority of the Nerf weapons seen over the years.

Staying away from the lime green Mache painted yellow and red upon the midsole and went with matching laces to represent the many yellow Nerf arrows and bullets the were the same classic colors. To kick it up a notch to contrast the deep purple the gray panels were coated with a reflective substance similar to that of 3M’s Scotchlite material to give nod to the night time Nerf collections. Lastly the updated Nerf logo was painted on the back heels. Nerf or nothing, right?

6 pairs of these will be made by Mache available for custom order via: