Nike Lebron 9 “What the Lebron” by @TwizzCustoms

The look of many shoe designs upon one shoe is either a love or hate thing. It was a concept started by Nike SB with their “What the Dunk” that due to limited numbers became a popular shoe. Do you think you could pull off a look like this? Twizz Customs recreated a plethora of Lebron 9 colorways onto that same 9 with apparently not a single spot on the shoe missing a change of color.

“This custom takes elements from a few of the major releases that came from the LBJ 9 lineup. The front half of the right sneaker exhibits the Big Bang design along with a 3M outer swoosh, and then fades to the Summit Lake Hornet with the inner swoosh showing off a baby blue and white outline. The tongue is from the limited MVP 9, and the carbon plate features the Watch the Throne pattern. The left sneaker features the front half of the China with the highlighted orange outer swoosh. The sneaker transitions to the Cannon colorway with a volt green inner swoosh. The carbon fiber plating displays a galaxy design while the tongue has a Big Bang Galaxy patch made by Herb Juice.” -Twizz Customs

So could you pull this off or would you just rather have one of the many looks to wear in all it’s own glory?

For inquiries contact Twizz via email [email protected] or to see additional work visit his Instagram @twizzcustoms.

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