Nike Lebron 9 “Slimer” Custom Shoes by FreakerSneaks

The concept of a customized Nike Lebron 9 takes a whole new spin with this Slimer design by FreakerSneaks. What started out as a simple all black Lebron 9 is now covered from the toes to the top of the tongue with Jonny of FreakerSneaks “SplatPack” design. Using a strictly lime green color a bold single splatter pattern was painted meant to represent the gluttonous pure ectoplasm ghost from Ghostbusters named Slimer. Depending on how big of a GB fan you are you might remember Slimer was never actually named during the movies but was once the cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters was released.

Who your gonna call for these is obvious if you want a pair. Yet don’t worry about calling and go contact him via his website to order your own: