Nike Lebron 9 Painted Freegums Pattern Customs by ROM

A couple of days ago PaintOrThread showcased a Freegums Lebron 9 with some personalization on its midsole, but this is what the original Nike “Freegums” Lebron 9 release should have looked like. Designed in collaboration with Miami based street artist, Freegums, this Lebron 9 showcased a Lebron James and Miami-centric pattern on the inside liner but also on the white upper of the shoe. The pattern on the white upper was purely texture based as it was white graphics on the white Nike Hyper material and could really only be seen if held up close. As a request shoe customizer RōM gave the white on white pattern from Freegums full exposure. In what was probably a painstaking custom job RōM went in an hand painted each part of the Freegums pattern black. Boom whole new shoe! Unfortunately for you and me RōM is keeping this piece a 1 of 1 design. So let’s see how many copies we see pop up?

Checkout more work from RōM via his website:

What the shoes looked like before customization by RoM via