Nike Lebron 9 Miami Nights Custom by Mache

Dan Gamache of Mache Customs said he had the idea for these ever since he saw the “Mango” Nike Lebron 9 images back in January. That idea of a mirrored colorway was taking the “Miami Nights” pattern and color combination seen last year on a limited release Lebron 8 V2 low. The previously black and silver upper of this Lebron 9 were painted by Mache in a mix of neon red and bright turquoise covered by an seemingly incidental black speckle. A pretty intense combo..hmmm, wonder if we’ll ever see a pro sports team with a bright color scheme such as this?

These will be available soon only at

The inspiration: “Miami Nights” Lebron 8 V2. Image via

The “Mango” Lebron before being customized by Mache. Image via NiceKicks