Nike KD4 “Kryptoman” Superman Shoes by District Customs

Superman, earth’s most famous super hero is up against his toughest match in this customized Nike KD4 by District Customs. The DC Comics star’s ultimate natural weakness, known as green kryptonite, is taking over the entire look in this custom titled Kryptoman. Starting with a KD4 from NikeID as the base shoe the iconic Superman logos are painted on the tongues with touches of blue, black and gray. But upward from the translucent sole the radioactive green is reaching its way to weaken what could have been a full strength blue and red pair of Superman custom sneakers. District Customs covered the majority of the upper with an airbrushed and hand painted combination of cracks, shadows, radiation rays and hard edges of shades of green, black, and white. Final highlights include an green kryptonite Swoosh on the straps and matching laces. This radioactive look could weaken even the biggest Superman fans.

District Customs is keeping this a strict 1 of 1 pair that is currently available in size 12 with a custom box, shoe bag, and a couple rare pieces of the green kryptonite. Contact to order and check more work from District at and follow him on Twitter: @DCustoms202