Nike KD V Abstract by Speechless Custom Lifestyle

If you take a good overall look at sneaker customizations lately there is a lot of similar work and influence from brands official releases. Here and there a few people have developed their signature customizing styles but if you cut the pool down further to those, even less have an artistic styling they can really call their own. This pair of custom Nike KD V fits into that small group with styling all their own.

Speechless Custom Lifestyle is no stranger to customizing as we first featured their work in 2009. Over that time Speechless has created a variety of painted customizations but this pair here really shows his creative eye. The base started as the atomic green KD V as you can see the original tongues and midsoles haven’t been changed. But the all green upper has been given a black coating with bits of gray and purple showing through to give the look some depth. Next the focal point of the design is obviously the Swooshes which showcase Speechless’ signature abstract design this time in multi-color pastels accented by his signature above the midsoles. While the latest color swap is cool, this is the type of custom that deserves attention.

Unfortunately for you this is a 1 of 1 design for a client but if you need this styling in your collection you can get in contact with Speechless at or follow them on Instagram: @Custom_lifestyle

speechless-custom-lifestyle-nike-kd-V-custom-1 speechless-custom-lifestyle-nike-kd-V-custom-3 speechless-custom-lifestyle-nike-kd-V-custom-4 speechless-custom-lifestyle-nike-kd-V-custom-5 speechless-custom-lifestyle-nike-kd-V-custom-6