Nike Foamposite Melvins Custom by @JustBeast23


There probably isn’t a custom sneaker design that would make the average person question the wearer more than faux blood splatters. Taking the look of a Nike Dunk SB from 2005 Just Beast Customs gave this previously all white Nike Foamposite a gruesome addition. The design is a colorswap inspired by the Melvin Dunk designed by the metal band of the same name. JustBeast recreated the look to a tee with an all black dyed sole and then blood stains climbing up the upper as if someone has stood in a pile of blood. As on the Dunks JB added two patches in Chinese lettering that say blood. A pair of black laces finish off the last of the colorswap custom.

You can check more work from JustBeast on Instagram: @JustBeast23 and contact him through his site for your own customization at

melvins-nike-foamposite-custom-just-beast-2 melvins-nike-foamposite-custom-just-beast-3