Nike Foamposite Great Pumpkin Customs by @FettiDBiasi


The Nike Foamposite as a base shoe is either a love or a hate thing. Originally released in a bunch of solid colors it wasn’t until the Galaxy Foamposite All Star release by Nike that the Foams became a formidable base for graphics and designs even if customizers took to them with graphics first. Nike approved it with that release. But when you break it down not many are gonna top a simple colorway such as this Great Pumpkin concept by Fetti D’Biasi.

Being festive the New York based customizer gave the previously all white Foamposite base a coat of orange across the upper in metallic fashion. Next a simple addition of a pumpkin stem green was painted on the liner, tongue, and lace panels. Simple, wearable other than Halloween, and easily a Miami U double identity.

You can contact Fetti for your own customization order via and follow her on Instagram: @SneakerFairy