Nike Foamposite Breaking Bad Custom Shoes by @TwizzCustoms


The infamous blue meth is the star of this custom sneaker by Twizz Customs. As a hat tip to the recently concluded AMC series Breaking Bad, Twizz cooks up a previously all white Nike Foamposite to an entirely new blue product titled Pure Crystal. Starting with the upper a couple shades of blue were first painted with a metallic finish. Next white details of spiderweb shattered cracks a la a just broken tray of Heisenberg’s latest batch surround the newly blue uppers. The rest of the shoes details include a 98% pure dyed sole, along with red and blue along the liner trimmings and embroidery.

This could be the only batch Twizz cooks up but you can contact him to inquire about your own pair at: and on Instagram: @TwizzCustoms

breaking-bad-shoes-nike-foamposite-twizz-customs-4  breaking-bad-shoes-nike-foamposite-twizz-customs-1