Nike Dunk Slimer Camo Glow Customs by El Cappy


Use your resources. The craze for glow in the dark painted uppers and soles is at an all time high in the custom sneaker scene, but why go to the trouble of adding glow if you can already get it on a base sneaker? Detroit based customizer El Cappy went to the archives to pull out a glow in the dark Nike Dunk from 2006 for his latest custom to receive his 1 of 1 treatment. What started out as a mostly white and slightly green tinted upper is now covered in a fully hand painted two shaded green slime-like-camo pattern mixed in with 1 of 1 El Cap logos. A few minutes to charge in the light and placed in a dark setting the whole shoe is reminiscent of something like the Ghostbusters’ glowing green ghost Slimer. A matching set of laces and El Cap lace¬†deubres complete the look.

Unfortunately for you this exact look is a 1 of 1 but you can contact El Cappy for your own idea or maybe he’ll make a variation if you provide the base at: Be sure to follow him on Twitter: @EricMafuknLowry and Instagram: @elcappy



Glow in the Dark Nike Dunk before customization. Image via