Nike Dunk High ‘Mister Outlaw’ by Sekure D


Sekure D has a painting style that is unmistakable. His latest creation, a pair of Nike Dunk Highs, was created for a DJ in Dubai named Mister Outlaw with the request that the pair had a “graffiti feel but was still classy and clean.” The result is this subdued color palette (compared to Sekure D’s previous work) of black, white, and grey tones, with pops of gold on the swooshes, mid-panels, and heels. DJ Mister Outlaw’s logo can be seen on the lateral heels of each shoe surrounded by stylized graffiti letters. The letters also wrap around the toecap and fill the mid-panels, dry brushed to achieve a texture that resembles a tagged stone wall.

This pair is obviously a 1-0f-1, but you can head to for information on how to commission your own. Also, follow @Sekure_D on Instagram for pics of custom kicks, custom painted vinyl toys, and more.

Nike Dunk High before customization: Image via