Nike Dunk Dress Shoe Reconstruction by Chase Shiel


The lines between high fashion and sport have never been more blurred than they are these days. Somehow technical sport shoes have become the shoe of choice for some wearing suits and ties. But this former technical sport shoe sure looks like it’d go better with a suit than the latest Nike Fly-Knits, right? There was a time nearly 30 years ago with the Dunk was a high level basketball shoe, now they are a premier skate shoe in Nike SB. While Chase Shiel provides the Dunk with the identity of a decent looking dress shoe in this customization.

The Australia based Shiel went the reverse of the usual reconstruction customizing process of which a new upper is created upon the original soles by keeping the Dunk upper intact. In place of the original rubber cupsole is that of a luxurious Italian leather sole. Across the original sole stitching line is a strip of leather of which was sewn to the upper and glued to the new soles. The heels been built up with vegetable tan leather and a crepe rubber bottom for grip and comfort. From top to bottom each aspect fits together for a very aesthetically pleasing result.

This pair is a one off design in MENS US size 10. You can purchase them directly at and follow more from Chase on Instagram: @ChaseShiel