Nike Air Max LeBron VII Artist Series: DC Cynthia Rudzis

The Lebron World Tour 2009 by Nike has still been underway the past few weeks. Here is the latest pair designed by Washington, D.C. based artist Cynthia Rudzis. Via

Whilst everyone can still try their luck to be one of the 123 snagging a pair of limited edition Air Max Lebron VII based on each stop of the LeBron World Tour 2009, only LeBron will be storing the limited edition Artist Series in his shoe closet.

For the DC leg of the LeBron World Tour, DC-based tattoo artist, Cynthia Rudzis is enlisted to help create the one-of-a-kind Air Max LeBron VII, as a part of the Air Max LeBron VII (7) Artist Series. Treating the white leather upper as she would approach a tattoo, Cynthia focused on the balance of positive and negative space. She stuck with a true DC relevant theme, “Justice For All” for her creation and worked it in with the art of tattooing. While both shoes feature a traditional tattoo scripted text on the toe box, only the right shoe features a full-on, true American motif of an eagle, and the other is kept clean in its original state– kind of like looking at a person with one tattoo sleeve.

On the midsoles, Rudzis 2009 marked the artist’s hand on the shoe that is gifted to LeBron at the presentation today. So far, the two artist series unveiled will be following LeBron around the world on tour and there are 8 more pairs to go. We will be sharing these unique artist series as the tour goes on and ends all the way back on the west coast in Los Angeles at the end of September. For those who are trying to get their hands on these tattooed numbers? Sorry, maybe it will appear miraculously someday on ebay.