Nike Air Max Correlate SSS-Mark II Custom by Sevenzulu


Sneaker customization is a global playing field. If you can find the sneakers for retail then there is a chance someone there is at least a chance someone is attempting some customizing. Not often seen is work from Indonesia, but Sevenzulu is looking to change that. Using a base not many if any have tackled, the Nike Air Max Correlate, a modern take on a retro styling by Nike, Sevenzulu titled this pair SSS-Mark 2. SSS stands for Sea Sun Sand on this design that is completely changed except for some white on the midsoles.

A desert camo print covers the mid panels along with two shades of brown on the toes and heels for the sand, while blue seen on the eyelet panels and midsole stands for the sea. Upon the liner, Swoosh and heel tabs bright orange completes the sun for the S trio. Do you like this customization on this Air Max or is one of the true retros like the AM1, AM90, or AM95 more your style?

These are a 1 of 1 as far as we know but you can contact the customizer here: Sevenzulu