Nike Air Max 90 “Revive” Custom Sneakers by SmoothTip


What happens when you conquer a skill or art? For Roberto of Smoothtip it appears he is on his way of bringing a spin to the custom theme he conquered. There is not even an argument as to which customizer that has brought the best attempt at the galaxy theme to the table. Smoothtip is the front runner with the look on numerous base shoes. Now he is implementing the design with other patterns to build his personal style in a goal of standing out from the rest.

Titled “Revive”, this previously all black Nike Air Max 90 retro Roberto gave his take on the galaxy on the toes, midpanel and midsoles. Next a turqouise sand camo graces the heel panels while a more subtle black on gray pattern was painted long the shoes mudguard areas. Neon yellow accents on the heel tabs, Swooshes and laces add details to keep them looking more factory than custom.

You can purchase these for a limited time from in the online shop and see more of his work on Instagram: @SmoothCustoms82

 revive-smoothtip-custom-Air-Max-90-nike-shoes-2 revive-smoothtip-custom-Air-Max-90-nike-shoes