Nike Air Force 1 Space Shuttle Endeavor Custom Shoes by Expression Airbrush

As a resident of Los Angeles, Robee of eXpression Airbrush was able to witness in person Space Shuttle Endeavor on its last trip. Last week on October 11 to 14th the shuttle was transported across the city streets of LA to its destination at the California Science Center. After hearing about the Presidential AF1 being officially released by Nike, Robee thought they could use a little company in the sky with this history making moment. His design is titled Mission 26, The Last Flight AF1 Custom.

Starting with an all black Air Force 1 mid the majority of the leather upper was given a base coat of white paint. Markings of America were then made in the USA flag on the straps and NASA logos on the heels. The white uppers also feature labeling of the Mission 26, Last Flight and Endeavor. Characteristics of the shuttle were continued with the toes painted black like the nose of the shuttle, burn marks, and texture was added to the Swooshes to mimic the thousands of panels that make up the shuttles body. 1 of a kind kicks for a 1 of a kind ship.

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