Nike Air Force 1 Evangelion Unit-1 Custom Shoes by @SekureD


These days it seems the majority of custom shoe artists out there using a comic book theme are painting designs based on the latest blockbuster movie hero. But there are still some guys such as Sekure D giving lesser known comic or sci-fi genre themes a custom sneaker form. The fact he is known to use less than mainstream themes is just how this commissioned Evangelion Nike Air Force 1 came about.

As Evangelion, a Japanese Mecha, was the general theme Sekure D looked to the colors and graphics of the series’ flagship mecha as his subject: Evangelion Unit-01. Instead of plastering the actual character across the upper, Sekure painted the panels of the shoes to look as if it would be a pair the robot EVA 1 would have worn. What started out as an all gray upper AF1 base was also taken advantage of for it’s factory glow in the dark features. Lastly yellow laces finish off the little details any passionate fan of the series would recognize.

These are a 1 of 1 but you can contact Sekure D at to bring to life your favorite sci-fi theme on a Nike Air Force 1 and follow him on Instagram: @Sekure_D