Nike Air Force 1 Cobra Head Customs by @_NYCESociety


If you happened to catch the BET Awards last night or the hip-hop blogosphere this Monday good chances are you have been amused at the red carpet outfit of artist French Montana and his intense use of snakeskin. Pictured below French’s getup was snakeskin from head(s) to toe with the most shocking look being the full skin and heads of three snakes on his shoulders and hood (no confirmation of them being authentic or not). We shall see if NYCESociety was ahead of the game if this full snake infused style becomes a full trend.

Ryan of NYCE Society gave this all white Nike AF1 an off white cobra skin stitched overlay that goes from the heel to the toes. But where most snakeskin customs have stopped these go on leaving the head propped up above the toebox. The design was for a client after Ryan attended the 2013 NBA All-Star Game in Houston, Texas. Ryan was influenced by the intricacy of custom snakeskin boots seen on the trip that used the same look of the snake’s noggin. If a head turning custom sneaker is what you want this pair would surely help you achieve that attention.

These can be ordered via and be sure to follow them on Twitter: @_Nycesociety and Instagram: @NYCESociety




French Montana’s snakeskin look at the 2013 BET Awards. Image via: